SwampCTF Rendering

Join Us!

The University of Florida Student InfoSec Team (UFSIT) is hosting the 1st annual SwampCTF!

  • When: March 29th 18:00 → March 31st 18:00 EDT (2018)
  • Where: Online - https://play.swampctf.com/
  • CTF Type: Jeopardy
  • Categories: Pwn, Reverse, Forensics, Crypto, and Misc.
  • Flag Format: flag{[a-zA-Z0-9_-]{12,40}}


Tweet us @SwampCTF or use #SwampCTF

IRC and Twitter down?
Email us: ctf@mg.swampctf.com



Main organizer & Infrastructure wizard.
https://binarystud.io, @BinaryStud_io


Co-organizer & Infrastructure wizard.
https://hernan.de/z, @Digital_Cold

Special thanks to the people who contributed challenges

  • Vijay Prakash
  • Ambrose Douglas
  • Mathew Giaramita
  • Michael Kummer
  • Elan Rasabi
  • Joseph Wilson
  • Juan Jauregui
  • Andrew Chabab